A full list of publications can be found in my C.V.


  1. Roundtable: Pedagogical Approaches to Music Encoding
    Journal of Musicological Research 2023
  2. Digital Scholarship
    Kijas, Anna E
    Notes 2023
  3. Review: Musical Passage
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  4. Music Librarianship (Syllabus)
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    Jolicoeur, Kiley, Kijas, Anna, and Rakityanskaya, Anna
    Ukrainian Cultural Studies Dec 2022
  2. Conversation with the Organizers of Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO)
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  3. Digital Cultural Heritage under attack: Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO)
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  1. Interview with Dr. Sylvia Fernández
    Portraits in Digital Humanities Apr 2021
  2. Interview with Sonya Donaldson
    Portraits in Digital Humanities Sep 2021


  1. Options for a Consistent For-Credit Offering in Music Librarianship
    Apata, Memory, Berndt, Elizabeth, and Kijas, Anna E
    Mar 2020
  2. Review of Ina Boyle (1889–1967): A Composer’s Life by Ita Beausang
    Kijas, Anna E
    Notes Mar 2020


  1. Introduction to the Music Encoding Initiative
    Kijas, Anna, and Viglianti, Raff
    #DLFTeach Toolkit: Lesson Plans for Digital Library Instruction Sep 2019
  2. The life and music of Teresa Carreño (1853-1917): a guide to research
    Kijas, Anna E
    Sep 2019


  1. An Introduction to Getting Started in the Digital Humanities for Library Professionals
    Kijas, Anna E
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  2. The Burns antiphoner: a project report
    Kijas, Anna, and Noone, Michael
    Arti musices Jan 2017


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    Kijas, Anna
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  2. Lola Beltrán
    Kijas, Anna
    Latin Music: Musicians, Genres, and Themes Jan 2014
  3. Fania Records
    Kijas, Anna
    Latin Music: Musicians, Genres, and Themes Jan 2014
  4. Caldwell, Sarah
    Kijas, Anna
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  1. Assessing Library Instruction Sessions: A Pilot Project at the University of Connecticut Libraries
    Lanzing, Jennifer, and Kijas, Anna
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  2. “A Suitable Soloist for My Piano Concerto”: Teresa Carreño as a Promoter of Edvard Grieg’s Music
    Kijas, Anna E
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  1. Review of Clara Schumann: the Artist and the Woman by Nancy B. Reich, second edition
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