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Awards given at the Music Encoding Conference are listed below

Year Category Title Author(s)
2022 Best Paper Community-Centered Sustainability: A Case Study of the Music Encoding Initiative Grimmer, Jessica
2022 Best Poster Towards MerMEId 2.0 Stadler, Peter, Omar Siam, Margrethe Støkken Bue, Clemens Gubsch, David Lewis, Kevin Page, Axel Teich Geertinger, Sigfrid Lundberg, Joshua Neumann, Daniel Jettka, Anastasia Wawilow, Zsofia Karolina Abraham, Daniel Schopper
2022 People's Choice Award: Best Paper Watermarks and Where to Find Them: Digitization, Recognition, and Automated Clustering of Watermarks in the Music Manuscripts of Franz Schubert (DRACMarkS) Lindmayr-Brandl, Andrea, Katharina Loose-Einfalt, Clemens Gubsch, Paul Gulewycz, Marlene Peterlechner, Günther Koliander
2022 People's Choice Award: Best Poster Explicating Revisions – How to mediate Beethoven's redaction instructions Kepper, Johannes, Jan-Peter Voigt, Susanne Cox, Ran Mo, Elisa Novara, Richard York Sänger, Agnes Seipelt
2022 People's Choice Award: Best Poster Encoding and Analyzing a New Corpus of Popular Songs Reymore, Lindsey, Matthew Zeller, Leigh VanHandel, Ben Duinker, Nicholas Shea, Christopher William White, Jeremy Tatar, Jade Roth, Nicole Biamonte
2021 Best Paper Alleviating the Last Mile of Encoding: The mei-friend Package for the Atom Text Editor Goebl, W.; and M. Weigl, D.
2021 Best Poster The OpenScore Lieder Corpus Gotham, M. R. H.; and Jonas, P.
2019 Best Paper Application of Music-Encoding Technologies to Guatemalan Choirbooks, Facilitating Preservation and Musicological Studies of the Colonial Repertoire Thomae, Martha, Julie E. Cumming, Ichiro Fuchinaga
2019 Honorable Mention Neon2: A Verovio-based square-notation editor Regimbal, Juliette, Zoé McLennan, Gabriel Vigliensoni, Andrew Tran, Ichiro Fujinaga